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Why should I trust TransfersCrete?
At TransfersCrete we offer easy, fast and safe transfers. Professional drivers assure reliability and your on-time arrival.
I've just completed my reservation form, do I need to do anything else?
We will send you a confirmation email for your reservation. Please check this carefully and let us know if any details are incorrect. Please let us know all the necessary details like flight number, contact details etc.
Is it certain that I will not pay anything else?
Yes -You pay only the amount of your transfer. There are no hidden charges.
Who will be waiting for me at the arrival destination?
Our driver will be waiting in the arrivals hall and holding a sign saying TransfersCrete, as well as stating your name, so when you recognise him, head to him and identify yourself.
Do I have to tip the driver ?
Tips are at your discretion. It’s entirely up to you.
What happens if my flight is delayed?
We are in constant contact with the arrival lounges and airplane information points for that reason and we will do everything possible to adjust your vehicle pick up time. Your driver and vehicle will be waiting for you at no extra cost. Please inform us of any updated travel arrangements.
I would like to be transported to a location that is not displayed as a destination.
Simply e-mail us your destination or your hotel name. We will respond to you as soon as possible.
We have a child with us, do you provide child seats ?
Yes, we do at no extra charge, you just have to request one. Please let us know the age of the child and the weight in kilos.
We have a lot of luggage with us, is that a problem ?
We do our best in order to put all your luggage in the vehicle. The number of the suitcases varies, depending on size and material. If this is not possible we will arrange a second vehicle, but there will be an additional charge.
If I arrive in the arrivals hall ahead of the driver, what should I do?
You should stay in the arrivals hall of the airport until the driver comes or you can call us on (+30) 28310 71715.

Note: Once you arrive at the airport, if possible please activate your mobile phone to make it easier to contact you if necessary.

If we fail to meet you at the airport with your party?
The likelihood of this happening is extremely remote, but if due to unforeseen circumstances it does and we are responsible, we will secure another taxi from the airport.

Note: We have safeguards set in place to prevent this, but we would like to reassure you, the customer, that you can trust us to arrange alternative transport should the unexpected need arise.

I would like to book my return as well, can I?
Yes of course. You can book your return route online in the same way. You can also book your return with us at a later date by contacting us or by making your booking online.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip to Crete! From all of us at TransfersCrete.